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Man with girl on his shoulders with arms out stretched.
20% there




Wear it with pride! You've earned your badge of honour

£50 Raised Poppy Run Medal

Look at you go! Keep up the amazing hard work

Centenary Champion
£100 Raised Poppy Run Medal

You've earned your centenary medallion, feel proud!

Legion Legend
£100 Raised Poppy Run Medal

Thank you for being a legend and caring for our Armed Forces


Poppy Run Distance Set
Distance Set Badge

On your marks! Your Poppy Run distance is set and you're ready to go

First Run
1st Run Poppy Run Medal

Amazing! You're off the starting blocks!

There's no stopping you! You're half-way there

There's no stopping you! You're half-way there

All Medals Received Poppy Run Medal

You've crossed the finish line, congratulations!

Don't forget to set your Poppy Run distance target. Log in and click the ‘Log fitness’ button to register your Poppy Runs, you’ll then be awarded your ‘Poppy Run Complete’ virtual badge above when you reach your chosen fitness target.



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